In A Million Years
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In A Million Years

by John Darling Publish: Feb 21, 2019Romance Time Travel Romance Science Fiction
    • John Darling John Darling 1 year ago
    • Who did John Wilkes Booth really want to kill that night in Ford's Theater? Is it possible to "bend" time to change the future? Was Jack the Ripper really just an alien from another planet? Is that why he was never captured?
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John Darling
John DarlingUnited States4 Books
Crime Fiction New Adult Romance Time Travel Romance Science Fiction Horror

Since the 1970’s John Darling has written numerous, short stories, poems, and magazine articles.

His lone play, Stage Directions, has been produced in the United States, Canada, and most recently at the Soho Theatre in London, England.

He has five books available on One involves the perils of time-travel, another is a trivia book that tells how rock bands decided on their names, another is a cookbook made up of his grandmother's favorite recipes, another is a collection of 12 romance shorts stories, while the last one is comprised of ten short stories revolving around Detective Anderson and his cohorts.

His author website can be found here:

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Title In A Million Years
Author John Darling
Publish Date 21, Feb 2019
Language English
Page Count 144