Water Desires (Loves Siren Song, Book II)
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Water Desires (Loves Siren Song, Book II)

by Katherine Smits Publish: Mar 04, 2019Paranormal Romance

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Paranormal Romance

Katherine Eddinger Smits grew up wanting to be a mermaid but discovered to her dismay this was not a viable career choice. Instead, she became a clinical social worker and helped veterans and their families.

Now she brings social work training and experience to her stories of mermaids, mages, and magical creatures. Within the context of fantasy and romance, her novels explore real-life issues of self-acceptance, body image, relationship dynamics, fears and phobias. Mystery, suspense, and a little sex add spice to her books.

She is the author of four paranormal romances.

Katherine and her husband divide their time between Florida and West Virginia. Their children and granddaughters live in Virginia.

Besides writing, Katherine is a blogger, mom, Mimi, dressage rider, and clog dancer.

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Book Detail
Title Water Desires (Loves Siren Song, Book II)
Author Katherine Smits
Publish Date 04, Mar 2019
Language English
Page Count 322