The Gumdrop House Affair (The Monk Mysteries Book 2)
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The Gumdrop House Affair (The Monk Mysteries Book 2)

by Timony McKeever Publish: Apr 07, 2017Series: The Monk MysteriesMysteries

The Monk Mysteries complete series

Crime Fiction Mysteries Supernatural Suspense

“The Gumdrop House Affair” is the second volume in a five-volume series authored by Tim McKeever. The murder mystery series centers on Father William Yeats Butler a Franciscan Monk assigned to St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church in the “Capitol Hill” area of Denver. An ex-Police Detective Butler, now a Police Chaplin for the Denver Police Department continues to be drawn into major Investigations.
This is familiar territory for McKeever who spent over thirty years in the Criminal Justice System primarily as an Investigator. McKeever began his Law Enforcement career in 1966 as a Military Policeman serving in Viet Nam from December 1967 to December 1968 encompassing the 1968 Tet Offensive.
Returning to Michigan he joined the Lansing Police Department and worked Patrol in mostly high crime areas. 1973 brought a move to the Lakewood Dept. of Public Safety, Lakewood Colorado. Patrol, Supervisor of a multi-jurisdictional Narcotics Unit, K-9 Handler, District Attorney Investigator continued to expand McKeever’s investigative experience.
From1995 until retiring in 2010 McKeever worked as a Criminal Defense Investigator for the Superior Court and then the Public Defender’s Office of Yavapai County Arizona. Since he knows the “Streets” from both sides it gives McKeever’s writing a realistic insight and realism not often found.
A World and National record holding Power Lifter, McKeever founded the REC-N-CRU Power Team in 2010. As a Team, they set or broke over 200 World Records in two different Drug-Free Federations.
However, it is as a Masterful Story Teller that McKeever excels. As a self-proclaimed “Thick headed Irish Catholic with a Zen Blend” McKeever’s faith and the Catholic Church are forces throughout Vol. 1 The Monk and Vol II “The Gumdrop House Affair”.
“I’m just an average guy with tons of stories to be told from my experience and a long time “Observer” of Humanity at its best and worst. I don’t give any Institution including the Catholic Church a sugar coated free pass. I do however, speak for all those Men and Women who spend their lives living up to the Vows and Oaths they took. The good ones never get enough press, and the bad ones get more than they deserve.”

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Book Detail
Title The Gumdrop House Affair (The Monk Mysteries Book 2)
Series The Monk Mysteries
Author Timony McKeever
Publish Date 07, Apr 2017
Language English
Page Count 266