ACCEPTING THE EGO (Ego Anthology Book 3)
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ACCEPTING THE EGO (Ego Anthology Book 3)

by K.G. PETRONE Publish: May 01, 2019Poetry

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K.G. Petrone
K.G. PetroneUnited States4 Books
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Mistress of Sorrow.
Queen of Regret.
Read any of my poems and you’ll agree, I bet.

Inside my books,
prepare for shock and surprise,
as suspenseful plots force your emotions to rise.

With a wet finger,
as fast as you can,
turning the pages intrigued by the end.
~KG Petrone

I am a mother of three with an adorable granddaughter. I am a true-blue born and raised Jersey Girl. I have recently replanted myself high in the Northeast Mountains of Pennsylvania, where I live with my loving Vietnam Veteran husband, Frank, and our treat hunting pups; Rambo & Dazie.

“I would much rather live among the ‘imaginary monsters’ found on the big screen and in books vs the real ones depicted on the ten o’clock news.”

Book Detail
Title ACCEPTING THE EGO (Ego Anthology Book 3)
Publish Date 01, May 2019
Language English
Page Count 115