The Scimitar Witch (The Graham boys)
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The Scimitar Witch (The Graham boys)

by Ann Lothrop Crime Fiction Thrillers Action & Adventure Romantic Suspense
    • Ann Lothrop Ann Lothrop 1 year ago
    • Dog fighting? A bad marriage! Child parentage dispute! Follow Emerald a dancer, psychic and Wiccan woman as she finds her true love.
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Ann Lothrop
Ann LothropUnited States3 Books
Romantic Suspense

let see..hummm about me? I am free spirited, love life and live life! I keep an open mind. I started writing stories when I was a child and have found life so much more than just our imagination! I have a lot of interests' I am a bead master. I believe in giving back to my community. To me there is nothing like giving love and sharing it.

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Title The Scimitar Witch (The Graham boys)
Author Ann Lothrop
ASIN 1093830689
Page Count 266