Ella's Secret Family Recipes
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Ella's Secret Family Recipes

by Kay Bell Publish: Aug 30, 2016Historical Fiction Women's Fiction Literary Fiction

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Historical Fiction Women's Fiction Literary Fiction

My life has always been about writing. These days, I write about what I love--family, food, fortunes won and lost. Then I populate my novels with people, not characters.

Kay graduated in Law and Arts (languages) from the University of Melbourne. She is an Australian writer, but her themes are universal.

Ella's Secret Family Recipes is Kay's second novel. Her first was The Lornesleigh Legacy. Kay is married to thriller writer, T.W. Lawless

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Book Detail
Title Ella's Secret Family Recipes
Author Kay Bell
Publish Date 30, Aug 2016
Publisher Campanile Publishing
Language English
Page Count 309
Cover Design Alex Vasey
Cover Model Natasha Sullivan
Cover Photographer Simon Woodcock