The Bootlegger’s Legacy
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The Bootlegger’s Legacy

by Ted Clifton Publish: Sep 01, 2015Mysteries

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Ted Clifton, award winning author, is currently writing in three mystery series--Pacheco & Chino Mystery series, the Muckraker Mystery series and the Vincent Malone series. Clifton's focus is on strong character development with unusual backdrops. His books take place in Southwest settings with some of his stories happening in the 1960s, 1980s and current times. The settings are places where Clifton has lived and knows well, giving great authenticity to his narratives. Clifton has received the IBPA Benjamin Franklin award and the CIPA EVVY award-twice. Today Clifton and his wife reside in Denver, Colorado with frequent visits to one of their favorite destinations, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Book Detail
Title The Bootlegger’s Legacy
Author Ted Clifton
Publish Date 01, Sep 2015
Language English
Page Count 314