The Un-Life of William Moore
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The Un-Life of William Moore

by Dana Lockhart Publish: May 16, 2019Fantasy



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Dana Lockhart
Dana LockhartUnited States1 Book
Supernatural Suspense Paranormal Romance Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

Dana Lockhart grew up on the outskirts of a town of 199 people. Humble beginnings begot lofty ambitions. The small town life couldn’t contain her spirit.

After completing her associate’s degree, she went out into the world to try and make a name for herself. She’s still trying to find where she belongs.

Dana is a career woman and self-declared scholar. Her favorite accomplishment so far is being elected the first vice president of the Hannibal Writers Guild in 2018. More than anything, Dana hopes that her writing can serve as modern fables, teaching readers about life and what it means to live it, all while exploring the fantastic reaches of the imagination.

Book Detail
Title The Un-Life of William Moore
Author Dana Lockhart
Publish Date 16, May 2019
Publisher Grigori Press
Language English
Page Count 278
Cover Design Zakaria Nada