Crusade - Seminar Manual
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Crusade - Seminar Manual

by Howard Sands Publish: Sep 23, 2018Advice & How To General Nonfiction Christian Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality
    • Howard Sands Howard Sands 1 year ago
    • You want to have an awesome large scale Christian event - but where to start?
      what to do? How to go about it? Did I think of everything?

      With almost 40 years of experience in being part of (speaking, planning, hosting) big events for outreach and leadership training in Australia and developing world countries, Howard Sands brings together the collective wisdom of many organisations to show you the practical steps to take, the timelines to work to, the important considerations for team members and gathering the best fruit from your event to make a Kingdom based, life and community changing event.
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Christian Nonfiction Religion & Spirituality

I am the founder and international director at Beautiful Feet Task Force.
We specialise in showing ministers how to transform their churches to radically change their communities into places where people want to live and positively influence the world.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe the church members should be seen as the church in the community.
What makes us unique is that we show leaders how to build maturity in the church, unity between churches and create confidence in their members to influence their world.
Our online network of over three thousand five hundred member ministers in 94 countries is constantly growing and we have spoken on stages in 26 countries to crowds up to 50,000.
What are you doing to transform your community?

Preparing the Whole Man, To Take the Whole Gospel, To The Whole World

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Book Detail
Title Crusade - Seminar Manual
Author Howard Sands
ASIN 9780244784690
Publish Date 23, Sep 2018
Publisher Beautiful Feet Task Force
Language English
Page Count 54
Cover Design Howard Sands