Simone (The Crush Files)
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Simone (The Crush Files)

by Yvonne Nicolas Publish: Mar 12, 2019Series: The Crush FilesContemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance African American Interest

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Simone (The Crush Files)by Yvonne Nicolas Publish: Mar 12, 2019Series: The Crush FilesContemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance African American Interest
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Hey there, world! Thank you for visiting my site.

My name is Yvonne Nicolas and I am an author! Felt AHH-mazing to type that.

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, where I spent a good part of my childhood at Disney. To this day, I'm a Disney girl. Now, I reside in beautiful Atlanta/Cumming, Georgia. Guess that means I'm still a southern gal!

I've been an avid reader since the age of fourteen. Like most serial readers, I couldn't get enough. I consumed books like I was possessed! I finished 2 to 3 novels a week. Sometimes more.

As a kid, I would sneak into my mother's bedroom and read her erotic novels. That's when my love for erotic romance was born. In many ways, my path into the literary world had begun to show itself.

For as long as I can remember, I've had the creative itch. My creativity spanned from music to drawing to architectural design. After college, I was able to score a job as an architectural designer. It was awesome, and I loved what I did, but for some reason, my heart wasn't fully invested. Felt like something was missing. During the year of the big housing market crash, architectural firms all throughout the country suffered. As a result, they started laying off. My firm held onto me until the bitter end, but eventually, they had to let me go. I wasn't upset about it because I knew the situation, but it still sucked. Little did I know, it was a blessing in disguise.

I was always writing, even during my architecture design days, but they were stories for my eyes only. Needless to say, I didn't think my writing was good enough to share with anyone. I know many writers have this same fear. One day, my friend peeked into my slutty story file, without my permission of course. She enjoyed the story and told me I was wasting my God-given gift by keeping it myself. I figured she only said those things because she was my friend, so I brushed it off. She badgered me for months about it. Finally, I gave in. With a trembling heart full of fear, I shared my tales with the world. I was knocked off my feet when my first release became a bestseller! I thought the world had either gone crazy, or my friend was right. I have a gift for writing!

And now, here I am, in love with my imagination and the characters that emerge from it. You may not love them as much as I do. However, I promise you, they will leave a lasting impression.

I'm ever so eager to take you on this journey with me. So grab a drink, have a seat and strap in.

It's going to be a wild ride!

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Book Detail
Title Simone (The Crush Files)
Series The Crush Files
Author Yvonne Nicolas
Publish Date 12, Mar 2019
Language English
Page Count 79
Cover Design Bookin It Designs
Cover Photographer The Reed Files