Not A Planned Affair
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Not A Planned Affair

by Rebecca Thein Publish: Jun 05, 2019Contemporary Romance

standalone complete series

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance Women's Fiction LGBT

I grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco and have always called the Bay Area home. Because of my love for the bay area, I feature San Francisco as the backdrop for each novel.

I wrote my first full chapter book at the age of twelve during summer vacation. I have always had a great imagination and put those creative thoughts down on paper. That one story began my passion for writing. I still have the handwritten copy tucked away for safekeeping along with all the poems and short stories I wrote as a child.

After I finished writing my first novel as an adult, my mom suggested I publish it. That was something I never thought I would actually do. However, I did want a hard copy of my story for my family and friends, so I searched for a publishing company. Anyway, I chose a company and route that was totally wrong for me. After a few years with that publisher, I bought out my contract, decided to self-publish, and here we are today. It is the best decision I made for my book babies, allowing me to introduce my stories to the world. And yes, they are my stories because certain situations in each story were derived from some event in my life, although I always put a twist on it.

The central themes of my novels revolve around family. I find families to be fascinating, especially when you uncover their layers of secrets. And what's a story without a little romance sprinkled into the pages?

I write women’s contemporary and erotic romance.

I invite you to cozy up with one of my novels and escape into a world of family secrets and a touch of romance. I hope you enjoy the characters and their discoveries as they unlock their family’s mystery while possibly finding love

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Book Detail
Title Not A Planned Affair
Author Rebecca Thein
Publish Date 05, Jun 2019
Language English