Men rush to California and Australia as if the true gold were to be found in that direction; but that is to go to the very opposite extreme to where it lies. They go prospecting farther and farther away from the true lead, and are most unfortunate when they think themselves most successful. Henry David Thoreau

  • Angel Musk

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Hey, Skedaddle!

Publish Date: Oct 22, 2018

Genre: Children's

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Angel Musk Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Literary Fiction, Children's

I published my first book in 2014 and since then have wrote stories in different genres to determine which one is my favorite. I got inspired to write by unique ways such as just driving to work and in my dreams....

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ASIN: 1728711088
Publish Date: 22, Oct 2018
Language: English
Page Count: 44

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