You Say Goodbye
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You Say Goodbye

by Keith Steinbaum Publish: Feb 23, 2019Crime Fiction Suspense Mysteries
    • Keith Steinbaum Keith Steinbaum 1 month ago
    • In previous murder mystery books you've read, is it the clue development or interesting characters that keep you engaged more? Or are they of equal importance?
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Many of us are driven to write through experiences born from pain, generating a need to uniquely express our own inner turmoil. Light-hearted inspiration is certainly an enviable reason to tap into one’s creative juices, but those feelings don’t stimulate the kinds of thoughts that lodge within me and grow in complexity. I can pinpoint a tragic, life-changing event occurring in my mid-teens that transformed me into a writer, and it seems that the weightier side of life continues to be my motivation.

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Book Detail
Title You Say Goodbye
Author Keith Steinbaum
Publish Date 23, Feb 2019
Language English
Page Count 332