Where I Should Be
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Where I Should Be

by Sheri Lynn Publish: Jul 13, 2019Contemporary Romance Romance
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Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance Romance

I am Sheri Lynn. I write as Sheri Lynn and Sheridan Knight. I grew up an Army brat, so my childhood involved moving every three years. However, truly a southern gal, I currently reside in Alabama with my husband, two Chihuahuas, a mean cat, turtle, and a teenage daughter. I have two sons, who live on their own, and a stepson and stepdaughter.
Romance novels have always been my first reading choice. I'm a hopeless romantic, and that trait materializes in every aspect of my life. “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” has been a common phrase repeatedly heard throughout my life. Writing romance and happily ever afters comes naturally.
Whether a result of my childhood, or not, I love to travel. Warm weather and beautiful beaches are always my choice destination.

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Book Detail
Title Where I Should Be
Author Sheri Lynn
Publish Date 13, Jul 2019
Language English
Page Count 67