Brokken Knight (Brokken Road Romances Book 4)
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Brokken Knight (Brokken Road Romances Book 4)

by Lynda J Cox Publish: Oct 14, 2018Western Romance



standalone complete series

Historical Romance Romance Western Romance

I grew up on a steady diet of syndicated Westerns, with a lot of John Wayne movies thrown in for good measure. Sunday nights were for *Lassie*. I blame those things for my love of the wide open spaces in the West, cowboys, and collies. When I'm not writing about the strong women who loved those cowboys and the cowboys brave enough to love those strong women, I'm showing my collies.

I've been a RONE finalist, a RONE runner-up, winner of two Raven Awards, won two Laramie Awards, and was a finalist for the Beverley (offered by the CO RWA).

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Book Detail
Title Brokken Knight (Brokken Road Romances Book 4)
Author Lynda J Cox
Publish Date 14, Oct 2018
Language English
Page Count 130
Cover Design Evelyne LaBelle