Getting it Right, if Ever: Romance Novella
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Getting it Right, if Ever: Romance Novella

by Lawrence G. Taylor Publish: Aug 22, 2019Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Romance Historical Fiction Literary Fiction
    • Lawrence G. Taylor Lawrence G. Taylor 7 months ago
    • Set in the early 70s in two imaginary countries. 40-year-old Benji is a gardener and an aspiring poet. By coincidence, he meets 45-year-old Molly. They become pen pals, and Molly invites Benji to visit her homeland. Benji is overwhelmed and seizes the opportunity to visit another country for the first time. Then one day, Benji catches sight of a beautiful woman and becomes mesmerised by with her beauty. He attempts to win her affection, but his approach is anything but conventional. His wooing is comical though courageous. His allies are play-acting, preservation, and hope.

      Armed with humour and support his effort he and shaky self-esteem, Benji is determined to succeed.

      A delusion of being a nobody. Loneliness prompts desperate attempts to find a soulmate with compatible demons. Spiritual friendship serves as a substitute for true love. Bittersweet. Moral ambivalence. Despair. Faith.
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Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Historical Fiction Literary Fiction

I was born in Guyana, moved to England in the early sixties. I worked and studied in London. Residing in Sweden since the beginning of the seventies. I retired a few years ago from a mental health occupation and from a private counseling practice.

The seventies, I began writing, wrote mostly short stories, a four-act closet drama, a few novellas, and an unfinished biographical novel, and had spent two years nurturing the ambition to become an author of some repute. But financially the going was tough, as well as the feeling of insecurity for the future. I worked as a hospital porter for some years. I received a BA (Eng. & Ed.). Unfortu.nately, my interest in writing faded until a couple of years ago.

In Feb (2016), I self-published my debut book a collection of two short stories and two novellas, Strangers In Another Country, available only as an e-book.

In December 2016, I self-published a novella The Eternal Struggle: An Amorous Story, in ebook format and paperback format.

Getting it Right, if Ever - a Romance Novella will be available 22nd Aug 2019

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Book Detail
Title Getting it Right, if Ever: Romance Novella
Author Lawrence G. Taylor
Publish Date 22, Aug 2019
Language English