Dirty Daddies
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Dirty Daddies

by Maren Smith Publish: Aug 30, 2019Contemporary Romance
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Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance
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Pepper North is a hybrid author who published her first book in July of 2017. She now has over 60 books and collections published on Amazon with the first in three in three series FREE on Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Amazon. Her specialty is age play romances which always feature a happily ever after!

Pepper is a USA Today Bestselling Author. She credits her success to her incredibly loyal fans and her dedication to her writing career.

She currently is writing four different series.
Her first is a contemporary series based around the Little patients of Dr. Richards. The Keepers is a series with an out of this world, science fiction flavor. For a sorcerer's touch, try her Magic of Twelve series. And, the newest is a series set in a secluded age play only community called SANCTUM.

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Title Dirty Daddies
Author Maren Smith,Maggie Ryan,Laylah Roberts,Pepper North,Kara Kelley,Golden Angel,Allysa Hart,Emily Tilton,Katie Douglas,J.M. Dabney,Rayanna Jamison,Aubrey Cara,Brianna Hale
Publish Date 30, Aug 2019
Language English