The In-Between: Revenge or Insanity
$3.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
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The In-Between: Revenge or Insanity

by Jacqueline M FranklinPublish: Sep 15, 2019Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance
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Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Erotic Romance Western Romance Poetry

Hi, Everyone….

I am an Indie author who loves to tell a story. I've published many books on Amazon, from poetry to contemporary. However, the old west is my favorite genre.

If my writing makes you laugh, cry, or touch your emotions somehow throughout your journey, then I have achieved my goal. And, perhaps along the way, I have proven where there is love—anything is possible.

Keep Smilin', Jacqueline

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Book Detail
Title The In-Between: Revenge or Insanity
Author Jacqueline M Franklin
Publish Date 15, Sep 2019
Publisher Amazon, D2D
Language English
Page Count 244
Cover Design Cover Design: Jacqueline M Franklin
Cover Model Artist: Ruben Raul Perez Signorelli
Cover Photographer Courtesy of Pixabay Royalty Free Photos