The Circle Unbroken
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The Circle Unbroken

by Nancy Massand Publish: Sep 17, 2019Historical Romance New Adult Romance Women's Fiction Christian Fiction African American Interest



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Nancy Massand
Nancy MassandUnited States1 Book
Historical Romance Women's Fiction Christian Fiction African American Interest Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

Author, teacher, wife, mother, grandmother. Live life as a prayer.

The Circle Unbroken was released in September 2019. Order it on Amazon!

I can't remember a time when I didn't write. Or teach. Even before I made it "official" by getting paid for doing what I love.

Stories arouse emotion. Joy. Fear. Hope. Anger. They make our hearts beat faster. They make us question our morals, our motives, our leaders, our convictions. A well-told story lodges deep in our core. Sometimes it irritates, like the grain of sand in an oyster. But you know how that one ends.

Tell your story. Rock your listeners to the core, and change their hearts. As storytellers, that’s our mandate. As readers, our mandate is to pass it on. Through the ages, across the oceans, to everyone who will hear.

Book Detail
Title The Circle Unbroken
Author Nancy Massand
ASIN B07Y268761
Publish Date 17, Sep 2019
Publisher Soul Mate Publishing
Language English
Page Count 261
Cover Design Laura Bemis