Beware the Violet (The Eulogimenoi Series Book 1)
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Beware the Violet (The Eulogimenoi Series Book 1)

by Maria Vermisoglou Publish: Oct 31, 2019Series: The Eulogimenoi SeriesFantasy Teen & Young Adult

The Eulogimenoi Series complete series

Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

Librarian. Reader. Writer. Reviewer.

Maria Vermisoglou is an International Bestselling fantasy author and she loves throwing her heroes into impossible situations. She draws inspiration from books, travels and...the ceiling. (So, blame the ceiling!)

She started writing 4 years ago when an idea came to her. That idea started all...
When she's not writing, she loves a good riding on the fantasy dragon but a book can also be exciting along with a cup of tea.
She's currently residing in Crete as a librarian, battling monsters and supernatural creatures from overcoming the world.

In July 2018, she was nominated as the second place winner in the First Annual Indie Awards as the Favourite New Female Author.

You can find more about her upcoming books at:

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Book Detail
Title Beware the Violet (The Eulogimenoi Series Book 1)
Series The Eulogimenoi Series
Author Maria Vermisoglou
Publish Date 31, Oct 2019
Language English
Page Count 323
Cover Design Adriatica Designs