Frozen Moments
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Frozen Moments

by M. Tasleem Publish: Nov 30, 2015Literary Fiction



standalone complete series

Thrillers Mysteries Erotic Romance Poetry

A retired General Manager from Coal India, Alumni of IIT/ISM, Dhanbad, NITIE, Mumbai and Law College, Betul (MP), hails from a small town Supaul in Bihar, India, which lies on the border of Nepal.

I believe life is a beautiful gift wherein all the experiences we encounter make it ever more beautiful and astounding. Good, bad, ugly and beautiful are part of this life. It is a collage of life.

Life is a beautiful journey. It is like a sugar in a cup of tea or coffee. Sweetness is nothing but an individual's choice

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Book Detail
Title Frozen Moments
Author M. Tasleem
Publish Date 30, Nov 2015
Language English
Page Count 112