Touched by the Music
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Touched by the Music

by Carson Mackenzie Publish: May 19, 2020Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense New Adult Romance Romance

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Contemporary Romance Romantic Suspense Romance Erotic Romance Women's Fiction

Carson Mackenzie enjoys writing romance with a real feel inside the stories. She writes with the belief not every man is a jerk and not every woman needs saving.

Carson lives in the South with her son, a Great Dane and two adopted shelter dogs that keep the household in line. Books have always been a part of her life. There is nothing better to her than curling up and relaxing with a good story and losing herself in someone else’s world for a few hours.

Writing stories and growing as an author with each book is her goal. She wants to reach the level where a reader knows when they see her name on a cover, they can trust in the fact there will be a good story as they flip through the pages.

Carson’s journey into writing has only been for a few years. As she’s finally starting to settle in, she can’t believe she waited so long to start.

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Book Detail
Title Touched by the Music
Author Carson Mackenzie
Publish Date 19, May 2020
Language English