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by Joy Lynn Goddard Publish: Jul 22, 2019Mysteries Contemporary Romance
    • Joy Lynn Goddard Joy Lynn Goddard 11 months ago
    • Written in the spirit of reconciliation, Moonshadow is a "heartbreaking tale of forbidden love in the face of clashing cultures, the horrors of residential schools, racism and societal expectations." C. Anderson
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Mysteries Contemporary Romance Women's Fiction Teen & Young Adult

When teaching full time, I used my experiences in elementary classrooms to write junior and young adult fiction for reluctant readers, especially teen boys. They liked my Northview Tales Series along with the other books that followed as each contains sports, adventure and coming-of-age themes with an element of danger.
My characters are composites of the many students I taught, from the "weirdo" to the "brain" to the "jock." Teachers from across Canada (and in some regions of the States, too) continue to tell me their students recognize themselves in the stories and are eager to read the books.
More recently, I've been writing a teen/ teacher blog, teaching a creative writing course for adults, and have teamed up with my husband, Dan, to create contemporary adult fiction that has both mystery and romance.
It has been a lot of fun!
We live in the Bay of Quinte Region in Eastern Ontario but often spend time with our two adult sons and their families in Southwestern Ontario.

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Book Detail
Title Moonshadow
Author Joy Lynn Goddard
Publish Date 22, Jul 2019
Language English
Page Count 262