The Porcelain Bones
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The Porcelain Bones

by Bambi Harris Publish: Mar 22, 2018Historical Mysteries Thrillers Suspense Mysteries Supernatural Suspense Paranormal Romance Romance

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Bambi Harris is the Australian-American author of numerous novels, most notably the popular, Afterlife Series, an Afterlife-based series that follows Penny Lane's chaotic day to day life beyond her death.

A prolific novelist and instinctive luminary, her books are touted for their unique voice and engaging story lines. Catering to both adult and young adult in content, her themes include death, romance, murder, time travel, history, the supernatural, and most of all, mystery.

She lives with her husband and dogs in rural USA in a historical museum themed house.
She enjoys antiques, history, vintage clothing and charitable pursuits.

Other than that she is a complete mystery.

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Book Detail
Title The Porcelain Bones
Author Bambi Harris
Publish Date 22, Mar 2018
Language English
Page Count 273