Give the Man A Peach
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Give the Man A Peach

by Kenn Dahll Publish: Jan 18, 2019Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance LGBT
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Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance Erotic Romance LGBT

Kenn moved from the gay ghetto called Wilton Manors, Florida to the much more dynamic, yet still extremely gay, District of Columbia area. More than thirty years ago he submitted a short story to a “one-hand magazine” contest and won a year's subscription. Since then he has written many stories, none of which he submitted for publication until August 2008 when one was included in Alyson Books’ Island Boys Anthology. Currently, he is thrilled to be published in with over sixty titles. He is also published in two additional Alyson Books anthologies: Best Gay Love Stories 2009 and 2010. Generally, Kenn says he sees a hot male and constructs a fantasy story around him−how he’s dressed, what he might be thinking, what is his relationship with the other males around him be it in a bar, a bus, a restaurant, a bank, or even a church. Sometimes a situation encountered in Kenn’s daily routine, on vacation, or simply on a casual stroll around the neighborhood, inspires him and a story will take shape in his mind, which is then populated from his vivid imagination. Kenn claims to find few outlets outside of erotic fiction for his innate creativity and is pleased others are interested in reading what he writes.

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Title Give the Man A Peach
Author Kenn Dahll
Publish Date 18, Jan 2019
Language English
Page Count 22