Soulwaves: A Future History
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Soulwaves: A Future History

by Tom Evans Publish: Nov 07, 2019Science Fiction



standalone complete series

Tom EvansUnited Kingdom16 Books
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I love exploring how the mind works (or doesn't) and reading the esoteric with the aim of making it exoteric.

Currently exploring how to bend time and space, how to tune into future memories and how authors can channel their future self who knows the words they have yet to write (or something like that !!)

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Sherry Sherry 2 months ago
I loved the book, it is a toss up between Julian May and Douglas Adams, only because of the Fish at the End of the
I know all about De ja vu it is a common thing in my life, so totally understand, also, as a Medium I do talk to the discarnate and am aware of our Guides and Guardians, the writer is truly believable, he writes in a language I understand too.
Annihilation and Creation...
Book Detail
Title Soulwaves: A Future History
Author Tom Evans
Publish Date 07, Nov 2019
Language English
Page Count 340