This Will Kill That
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This Will Kill That

by Danielle K. Roux Publish: Dec 03, 2019Supernatural Suspense LGBT Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

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Danielle writes things that happen to her, but better: with more ghosts and less waiting in lines to buy burritos. Her first novel is August Prather is Not Dead Yet (August, 2018) through the amazing Parliament House Press. It is a supernatural road-trip epic adventure tale with a good bit of queer romance mixed in. She is currently working on other stories with queer protagonists and supernatural/fantasy/historical themes, so stay tuned!

She has cats and she is married to a nice lady. She teaches humans how to read and study history and art. Also, she travels places and looks at old things for fun. Sometimes she sleeps.

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Book Detail
Title This Will Kill That
Author Danielle K. Roux
Publish Date 03, Dec 2019
Language English