Jim's Revenge
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Jim's Revenge

by Andrew R Williams Publish: Dec 01, 2019Thrillers



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standalone complete series

Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy General Nonfiction

Some legends say that Andrew R Williams travelled to Earth from a dying world thousands of years ago to share the stories of his home planet. Others say that he is nothing more than a brain in a jar slowly using his telepathic probes to take control of the planet.
All of them were wrong......
The truth is that Andrew is a retired Chartered Surveyor who dreams of adventuring through the stars. Travelling through worlds filled with thrilling adventure, nightmare creatures, psychotic A.I and a pet Pterodactyl.
And now, thanks to the invention of the quill pen. Andrew has managed to bring these worlds to all of us with the Fantastic Arcadia's Children series. And now we can all join

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Book Detail
Title Jim's Revenge
Author Andrew R Williams
Publish Date 01, Dec 2019
Publisher Amazon
Language English
Page Count 364
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