Jim's Revenge
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Jim's Revenge

by Andrew R Williams Publish: Dec 01, 2019Thrillers



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Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy General Nonfiction

By day mild mannered Andrew R. Williams is a chartered surveyor.... but after twilight falls, he snatches up his pen and the writing takes control. The Fyfield Plantation is Andrew's second creation, and the third Arcadia's Children instalment pours out of Andrew on only the coldest and darkest of nights. When he isn't writing, or chartering surveyoring, Andrew spends time with his wife Geraldine, staring up at the stars, and plotting eventual world domination. Don't let that calm demeanour and easy smile fool you, oh no.

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Book Detail
Title Jim's Revenge
Author Andrew R Williams
Publish Date 01, Dec 2019
Publisher Amazon Digital Solutions
Language English
Page Count 364