Rowland, The Senator's Son (Forces at Play Book 1)
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Rowland, The Senator's Son (Forces at Play Book 1)

by Marieke J Treloar Publish: Sep 21, 2019Series: Forces At PlayAction & Adventure Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance
    • Marieke J Treloar Marieke J Treloar 1 year ago
    • 50 Shades for the Clever Woman (you know where the girls are in charge).

      Firstly, I need to take my hat off to E.L. James for creating the ’50 Shades of Grey Book Series’ they brought awareness to the divine world of fetish/ BDSM play allowing it to be drawn into mainstream culture. However and this is where 50 Shades does fall short a clever woman would never play in such an unsafe way.

      Also her depiction of dominates and submissives is quite frankly insulting and shallow. To begin with being a dominant has NEVER been just a guy thing. Also real submissives (male or female) are far from the crazy obsessed stalkers portrayed in the series.

      I would like to believe that today’s women are smarter and more in-charge of their play. That is why when I was writing my latest book “Rowland, The Senator’s Son” it was so important to me that I give the most accurate portrayal of the relationships between players and what dominant women can be like.

      I am speaking in generalisation’s but most of our impressions of dominant women are leather and latex clad vixens wielding whips, where this is not wrong it is not the only type of dominant women out there. More than a few are simply dressed in elegant attire they are charming, gracious with immaculate manners and in public you would never guess they enjoy being dominant behind closed doors. They are the Lady in public and the Mistress in private.

      Excerpt from Rowland, The Senator’s Son - “There is a set of rules I play by – break any of them and you will be punished or banished, they are not negotiable.” The sternness of her voice only seemed to arouse him further as she grabbed his chin, brought her lips a hair’s breadth from his ear, her warm breath only exciting him more. “Lesson one – Safe, Sane and Consensual,” she waited until he acknowledged the rule. Rowland nodded.

      Would love to hear what your opinions about how dominant women are portrayed in novels.
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Forces At Play complete series

Action & Adventure Contemporary Romance Dark Romance & Erotica Women's Fiction Science Fiction Fantasy

Marieke J Treloar is an unabashed bon vivant artist, who has combined her hedonistic and creative sides.

She can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a spirited fantasy full of fearless female protagonists and dashing military heroes.

Writing a novel was always on her bucket list, and eventually, it has become a reality.
When not absorbed in the latest gripping page-turner, Marieke designs and creates beautiful jewellery, frequents the best cafes of her beautiful home town, and otherwise spends far too much time at both her laptop and jewellery bench. She lives in Australia, with her puppies and family

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Title Rowland, The Senator's Son (Forces at Play Book 1)
Series Forces At Play
Author Marieke J Treloar
Publish Date 21, Sep 2019
Language English
Page Count 206