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by Jan Anderegg Fantasy Teen & Young Adult
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Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

Jan Anderegg has a soft spot for animals, is a fund of people, and believes in second chances.

Her short story, The Visitor, was published in the Australian Nurses Journal. Jan was awarded 'Seal of Quality' recognition on FanStory.com for her YA novella, 'Her Brother's Keeper', and 'The Pearl Garden'; a contest-winning short story about children with disabilities.

The daughter of a retired Naval officer / history professor and an artist / nurse, she learned to paint pictures with words at an early age. Though an avid reader, she was never able to find one of those magic portals into her favorite stories, until Julu came along.

Book Detail
Title Julu
Author Jan Anderegg
Page Count 346
Cover Design Evelina Valieva