Marquis' Prayer
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Marquis' Prayer

by Leyetta Cole Batchelor Children's



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Leyetta Cole Batchelor was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Sylvester Cole Sr. and Bessie Leach in 1978. Her family relocated to North Carolina in 1987. For 10 years she taught Child Development at the local community college and the Head Start Program. She tried Kindergarten for a year but couldn't shake her love of teaching Child Development. In the winter of 2018, she returned to her love of teaching early learners where she thrives today. Her first book "The Loc Princess," was released in February 2019. She has went on to publish two additional books entitled "Marvelous Mya Search for Jesus and Marquis' Prayer." In addition to her roll as an Educator, she is a devoted wife, mother and minister.

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Title Marquis' Prayer
Author Leyetta Cole Batchelor
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