The Lonely Life of a Pornographer's Wife
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The Lonely Life of a Pornographer's Wife

by J.Carol Johnson Romantic Suspense Women's Fiction
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Mysteries Historical Romance Women's Fiction

I've always loved to write, tell stories that I made up and tell jokes. I loved to make and see people laugh. My life has been anything but filled with laughter, so I understand well the hurt that's in somebody else. I was a beaten, physically and verbally battered child and then wife. It was my faith in God and with time that helped me overcome this and become strong. I love creating and working with my hands. Silk and dried flower arranging, sewing and cooking have been good hobbies for me. As a long-time single mother, I learned to do household plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. I have also suffered from life-long bipolar disorder, manic depression and epilepsy. I self-medicated with alcohol, as do most like myself, to deal with the depression and anxiety. These depressions were sometimes suicidal ones and there was nothing I could do but bury myself in a deep, dark hole and wait until it was over. Or overdose on pills and booze. Again, my trust in God and His words saw me through these times. What I write about is what I have experienced and lived through. I don't need to make stuff up, God blessed me with a prolific imagination, so I can certainly add my flair to any story, as with this book. Although this story is based on actual happenings I had to, not just embellish, but change and elaborate on material for self-protection since some of these people are still around and functioning.

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Title The Lonely Life of a Pornographer's Wife
Author J.Carol Johnson
Publisher Draft2Digital
Language English
Page Count 274
Cover Design Christipher Bailey