Take My Whole Life Too
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Take My Whole Life Too

by Justine Ruff Publish: Feb 05, 2020Contemporary Romance New Adult Romance Romance
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Justine Ruff
Justine RuffUnited States1 Book
Contemporary Romance Women's Fiction Literary Fiction

Justine Dyer Ruff is from Southern Colorado. She studied History and Latin American Studies at Colorado State University and moved on to complete her MBA in Organizational Leadership. She currently lives in Southwest Washington with her husband Jesse, children Jeanette and Jameson, and multiple beloved animals. Her debut novel, Take My Whole Life Too, debuted on February 5th 2020. She hopes to continue writing and publishing more of her work including poetry, short stories, novellas, and novels.

Book Detail
Title Take My Whole Life Too
Author Justine Ruff
Publish Date 05, Feb 2020
Language English
Cover Design L. Austen Johnson