Crystal Cove
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Crystal Cove

by Sally Suen Publish: Apr 18, 2019Historical Romance Historical Fiction Women's Fiction
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Sally SuenUnited States1 Book
Historical Fiction Women's Fiction

I was born in the beautiful Nine Gorge World Heritage site in Sichuan, China. It was wilderness back then with muddy roads. And hills and mountains were covered with trees. People lived in houses built with thatched roofs. But people were simple, honest, kind, and innocent. I lived in a house with everything in one room for a few years of my childhood. We had to take a short walk outside the house to go to the bathroom. I slept in a bed with only a wooden board and cotton pad on it. When I woke up one day, I was brought to a flashy world where streets were illuminated by the neon lights that blanketed both sides, and concrete tall buildings were like forests. People spoke languages that I had never heard before. Yes, I was born in poor and primitive China before the reform when many still had no shoes to wear, but grew up in another world that was rich and flourishing, a world we called Hong Kong, the last colony of the United Kingdom.
I grew up feeling so lost. I often hid myself in an imaginary world with fairy tales and love stories as an escape. As a lonely and silly girl struggling to find herself, I believed in finding love under the beautiful oak tree, or by the beach, or in the flower market, or riding on a train. Since then, I have always dreamed of writing a love story myself. When I went to Los Angeles after graduating college in Canada, I fell in love with its palm trees, sunshine, and mesmerizing beaches. I found out quickly that the state beach Crystal Cove is my go to place and it gave me so much inspiration for writing Crystal Cove. But life often intervenes. We are not always in an environment that supports us to chase that dream. Besides supporting my family and working, I finally found a window to breathe my own air a few years ago. So I wrote Crystal Cove. I’m hoping to reach out to those who are still looking for themselves and tell them love is so hopeful no matter how lost you feel. If you desire, you’ll always find a path that leads to your dream.
Besides writing, Sally Suen also uses her professional license to help people achieve their goals of wellness. She currently lives on the East Coast with her family.

Book Detail
Title Crystal Cove
Author Sally Suen
Publish Date 18, Apr 2019
Publisher Knew Books Publishing
Language English
Page Count 236
Cover Design Eric Wilder