The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 1)
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The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 1)

by Aimee Shaye Publish: May 24, 2020
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Aimee Shaye
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I am many things but normal is not one of them," says Aimee Shaye when asked to describe herself. She is a twenty-three year old novelist whose genres include Dark-Fantasy, Romance, Erotic Romance, Science-Fiction, and Steampunk. When asked what drives her, Aimee says, "The world around me. The people I know. The love I have gained. The pain I have endured." Though young, Aimee has experienced many things that she believes no one (man or woman) should ever have to endure, and as a result of that she has turned her pain into liquid words that fill the pages of her books, novels, novelettes, and short-stories.

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Book Detail
Title The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 1)
Author Aimee Shaye
Publish Date 24, May 2020
Language English