Gifts of Fire and Ice: Book One: The FireNight Prophecies
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Gifts of Fire and Ice: Book One: The FireNight Prophecies

by Darren Boeck Publish: Mar 02, 2020Series: The FireNight PropheciesFantasy Teen & Young Adult



The FireNight Prophecies complete series

Darren Boeck
Darren BoeckUnited States1 Book
Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

Darren Boeck was born in 1970, in St. Paul, MN. He was never much of a reader until a friend introduced him to The Lord of the Rings in seventh grade. It was this first book that led him down the path of reading all kinds of Fantasy and Science Fiction, often until the wee hours of the morning. He attended Forest Lake High School and in 1988 he went on to join the United States Navy. With many hours of idle time while onboard the Stephen W. Groves (FFG-29), he turned back to reading. Anything fantasy or science fiction that he could buy or borrow was fair game. After serving four years, he returned to his home state of Minnesota.

After spending a year at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, he put his education on hold while trying his hand at various jobs. At one time or another, he tried being a security guard, casino finance supervisor, car salesman, electronics repair technician, software installation specialist, and computer networking engineer. Along the way, he met his wife Melissa. Four daughters later and two stints back in college during those years allowed him to first finish his bachelor’s degree and later his master’s degree in Cyber Security with Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Today, he lives at home with his wife and twin daughters (sometimes three daughters when one is home from college), and two dogs. Darren spends his time working full time in computer systems and writing novels in his spare time. When not doing one of these two, he can be found at the lake relaxing. His debut novel, Gifts of Fire and Ice, is the first of a multipart series currently in the works.

Book Detail
Title Gifts of Fire and Ice: Book One: The FireNight Prophecies
Series The FireNight Prophecies
Author Darren Boeck
Publish Date 02, Mar 2020
Language English
Page Count 480