A Day in the Life of Me!
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A Day in the Life of Me!

by Sherry A Maines Children's
    • Sherry Maines Sherry Maines 2 months ago
    • This book is celebrating the simple pleasures, joys and adventures growing up in The Blue Ridge Mountains of rural North Carolina. It is about the author/illustrators' childhood and the outdoor adventures with her cousin. The setting of the story is on a small farm or "playground" with lots of animals and fun around every corner. The characters go on bike rides, swings on tire swings, chasing chickens for fun, finding shapes in the clouds and ends their day with catching lightning bugs in the cool night air. It is a glimpse into what a child's imagination can create and all the fun that awaits. The author/illustrator reflects on the adventures and simple fun that she enjoyed before the Internet and gaming systems became entertainment for children. Fun and treasured memories were created with her imagination. Your imagination can take you anywhere you desire!
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I am an art teacher. I have always loved drawing and painting. I love children's books. My first book, (A Day in the Life of Me) is about my childhood growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I loved playing on the farm with my cousin. I told stories to my students for years and they seemed to enjoy my stories. I decided to put them in a children's book. I created the illustrations. I have gotten great reviews from all the children, parents and teachers who have read my book. I still live across the road from the old farm where our adventures took place. My husband Terry and I live in my great grandparents' old house. Our two children Josie and Jeb grew up here and had wonderful adventures. We love our Blue Ridge Mountain home.

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Title A Day in the Life of Me!
Author Sherry A Maines
ASIN 0578536544
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