Song of the Spirit
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Song of the Spirit

by M. Lee Prescott Publish: Mar 10, 2014Historical Romance
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M. Lee Prescott has written dozens of novels, of which Hope's Wonder is the fifteenth published. She writes in several genres of fiction—Mystery, Historical, Western Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romance Suspense, and books for children and young adults. Among her titles are Prepped to Kill, Gadfly and Lost in Spindle City and Poof! (Ricky Steele Mysteries), Jigsaw, A Friend of Silence, Widow’s Island, and Song of the Spirit. Song of the Spirit was a finalist The 2014 International Digital Awards for Historical Fiction for Young Adults. She published five new titles in 2015, Hestor’s Way, a contemporary romance and In the Name of Silence and The Silence of Memory books two and three in the Roger and Bess Mysteries. The Morgan’s Run Romances series debuted in August 2015 with Emma’s Dream (a finalist in the 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards), followed by books two and three, Lang’s Return and Jeb’s Promise and Rose’s Choice. Hope's Wonder is book five. She is halfway through drafts of book four in the Ricky Steele mysteries and the Roger and Bess mysteries.

Lee’s “day job” is as professor at a small New England liberal arts college. Her scholarly work centers on social contexts within which children learn and she is the author of three works of nonfiction. Her current research examines the impact of mindfulness on readers and writers, work that brings her tremendous joy and satisfaction.
She lives in southeastern Massachusetts on a beautiful river. She is the mother of two sons and spends lots of time with them, their beautiful wives, and her four beloved grandchildren. When not teaching or writing (both of which she adores), her passions revolve around family, yoga, swimming, teaching mindfulness to children and adults, and walking.
Her website is Lee loves to hear from readers. Her email is:

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Title Song of the Spirit
Author M. Lee Prescott
Publish Date 10, Mar 2014
Publisher M. Lee Prescott
Language English
Page Count 208
Cover Design Ashley Joswick