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by Janet ScaifePublish: May 26, 2018Contemporary Romance
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Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Paranormal Romance

In 1991 I won The Romantic Novelists' New Writer of the Year Award for my first book, a romance. I went on to write sagas, then had a break. Three years ago I began again with Aphrodite's Child set in Cyprus. Casanova's is a follow on to that story. The One Meant to Last is a new story. What I call my starting again books are all contemporary romances. The first two with a touch of the paranormal, the third, The One Meant to Last, touches on reincarnation and has more of the paranormal in it. Being a psychic myself I like to put some of this part of me into my stories.

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Book Detail
Title Casanova's
Author Janet Scaife
Publish Date 26, May 2018
Language English
Page Count 305