The Cloak
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The Cloak

by Wanda Luthman Publish: Dec 13, 2019Christian Fiction
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Helping people, especially children, be the best they can be comes naturally to me as I'm a Guidance Counselor and I hold a License in Mental Health Counseling. My books tell stories with positive social and emotional messages woven into them. I've been married 23 years and have a daughter in college. I have 2 yorkies and about a dozen feral cats (they live outside and are all fixed). The beauty of nature and the quirky uniqueness of people inspire me.

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Book Detail
Title The Cloak
Author Wanda Luthman
ASIN B086Y986K9
Publish Date 13, Dec 2019
Publisher Lilacs in Literature
Language English
Page Count 21
Cover Design Mara Reitsma