The Raven's Poison
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The Raven's Poison

by Braeden Michaels Publish: Apr 25, 2020Poetry
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Braeden Michaels is an American author and the creator of Deconstructive Literature. Within the whirlwind of his mind, he teases apart the human creature: emotions, passions, and perspectives. Dissects, then rearranged them for rare display. He is featured in “Static Dreams Volume 1 Anthology of Twisted Minds” with the short story “The Cancerous Affair.” He will also be featured in the upcoming poetry collection “The Poets Symphony.” My first collection of poetry “The Raven’s Poison” will be released on 4.25.2020

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$6.99 kindleeBook,
Book Detail
Title The Raven's Poison
Author Braeden Michaels
Publish Date 25, Apr 2020
Language English
Page Count 214