Godfather Of The Galaxy
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Godfather Of The Galaxy

by Mark Castleberry Publish: Aug 06, 2020Christian Fiction Science Fiction Teen & Young Adult
    • Mark Castleberry Mark Castleberry 14 days ago
    • This tale is a history of one of the characters in the Strangers and Pilgrims series. It was one of the characters people wanted to know more about. Perhaps I will write a longer and more elaborate story about the Electrik Syndicate.
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Christian Fiction Science Fiction Fantasy Teen & Young Adult

An independent writer writing a series of books and stories with Christian Science Fiction for teens and young adults. A collector of audio dramas from throughout the years, which he plays on his podcast. He is living with his wife and two cats in Missouri.

Also, runs a simple podcast with old time radio shows, author interviews, and a sermon every now and again.
The Strangers and Pilgrims Podcast. Check your favorite Podcast Provider.

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Book Detail
Title Godfather Of The Galaxy
Author Mark Castleberry
ASIN B0871K64P5
Publish Date 06, Aug 2020
Publisher Strangers and Pilgrims Publishing
Language English
Page Count 101