spice, zombie, apocalypse
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spice, zombie, apocalypse

by simon carr Publish: Apr 25, 2020Action & Adventure Humor Horror



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Simon CarrUnited Kingdom16 Books
Action & Adventure Humor Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

I am more marmite than marmite, you will either adore my books and find them hilarious, or you will detest them with a throbbing passion, there does not seem to be a inbetween. I am yet you meet anyone who thinks their just ok,and that suits me, I would rather be hated than mediocre, at least if they hate you, they remember you.
I use a lot of profanity in my books, a awful lot, I dont even swear in real life, it's just my brand of humor, I'm a wannabe be stand up comedian, so my writing reads like a stand up tells observational comedy.
Theres also quite a bit of offensive adult content, I dont aim left or right with it, If I find it silly or funny, it goes in and I dont really give much thought to who it will offend, if you take my books into context you see getting offended is pointless as it's not really aimed at anyone but everyone including myself.
If you love my books or want to see them burned in the firey pits of hell, the one thing I can promise you is you wont find them normal mediocre and just ok.

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Shelise speed Shelise speed 4 months ago
I enjoyed that this book was different to this authors other books, i liked the storyline and how i could sympathise with some of the characters and at times sort of relate from a certain point of view
Book Detail
Title spice, zombie, apocalypse
Author simon carr
Publish Date 25, Apr 2020
Language English
Page Count 115