Dragon Bone Soup
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Dragon Bone Soup

by Various authors Publish: Dec 04, 2019Science Fiction Fantasy Horror
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DW Brownlaw
DW BrownlawUnited Kingdom1 Book
Science Fiction Fantasy

DW Brownlaw is the pen name of Douglas Brown, a retired editor and publisher of technical documents / manuals. During his long career, he became fluent in many languages ... unfortunately, most of them were software-related.

His new "careers" include acting (amateur and pro), Chen-style Tai Chi, occasionally editing stories & books for friends, and writing short stories and novellas for his science fantasy series 'The Metaverse'. One day, he plans to conclude the series by writing a 3- (or 4-) book "trilogy" which will weave together the various story-threads that are stitched through the shorts and novellas.

What little daytime he has spare, he spends on tropical fish and with his oft-neglected, overly-patient wife. They live together in the Thames Valley region of the UK.

Book Detail
Title Dragon Bone Soup
Author Various authors
Publish Date 04, Dec 2019
Language English
Page Count 241