Cadence In Time: Only Time Will Tell (Women of Time Collection Book 9)
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Cadence In Time: Only Time Will Tell (Women of Time Collection Book 9)

by Mercy DeSimone Publish: Aug 07, 2020Series: Women of Time CollectionTime Travel Romance
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Women of Time Collection complete series

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance Science Fiction Fantasy

Youngest of 6. Voracious reader, coffee drinker, cocktail enthusiast, beauty junkie, traveler and cat mom. Self professed champagne snob, fluent in Schoolhouse Rock, small craft gin, and overall Queen useless trivia.

My idols have always been authors, chefs and musicians. In a perfect world, I would have my own talk show where I’d invite a great chef to cook for us, my favorite musician to play for us, and we’d all sit down with one of my favorite writers for great food, music, and conversation.

Reading is fundamental. At least that’s what they told us as kids. What they didn’t tell us is that reading is an escape from the world - a journey, an exploration, an adventure, and a jumpstart into a broader world of imagination that we build for ourselves. For me, there’s nothing better than immersing myself into a world that I wish existed, whether as a reader or as a writer, and exploring what the world could be if we only had the courage to try.

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Book Detail
Title Cadence In Time: Only Time Will Tell (Women of Time Collection Book 9)
Series Women of Time Collection
Author Mercy DeSimone,
Publish Date 07, Aug 2020
Language English