Maybe Someday ('The Allister Saga' - Book 2)
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Maybe Someday ('The Allister Saga' - Book 2)

by Jacqueline M Franklin Publish: Jun 09, 2017Historical Romance Western Romance
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Contemporary Romance Historical Romance Western Romance Poetry

Hi, Everyone….

I am an Indie author who loves to tell a story. I've published many books on Amazon, from poetry to contemporary. However, the old west is my favorite genre.

I collaborated on 'two' poetry books with many authors from around the world--Book 1--"Our United Voices" & Book 2-- "Our United Voices (Revisited") is now available.

ALL royalties go to charity:

= Doctors Without Borders
= Academy of American Poets

If my writing makes you laugh, cry, or touch your emotions in some way throughout your journey, then I have achieved my goal. And, perhaps along the way I have proven where there is love—anything is possible.

Keep Smilin', J

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Book Detail
Title Maybe Someday ('The Allister Saga' - Book 2)
Author Jacqueline M Franklin
Publish Date 09, Jun 2017
Language English
Page Count 258