The Moth Trap
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The Moth Trap

by Martin J. Best Publish: May 10, 2015Supernatural Suspense Fantasy Horror



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Thrillers Supernatural Suspense Fantasy Horror

Martin J. Best was born in Torquay, England, in 1965, where he lives with his wife, Kim, and their Northern Inuit dog, Shadow. Martin grew up in an actively haunted house, which, he admits, probably accounts for his interest in the paranormal. He has had a varied work life, and spent many years running his own mobile disco business. He now writes full-time, and when not working, he is a keen walker, music enthusiast, and ghost hunter.

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Book Detail
Title The Moth Trap
Author Martin J. Best
Publish Date 10, May 2015
Publisher Martin J. Best
Language English
Page Count 30
Cover Design Martin J. Best