The Dragon Sleeps
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The Dragon Sleeps

by Ellen Read Series: The Thornton MysteriesCrime Fiction Historical Mysteries Historical Romance Historical Fiction



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The Thornton Mysteries complete series

Crime Fiction Historical Mysteries Historical Romance Historical Fiction

Ellen Read was born in tropical North Queensland, Australia. She has always enjoyed reading, even from a young age. Books took her into a world of wonder and enjoyment that the real world could never quite provide. She loves to read fiction, non-fiction, poetry. She particularly loves history and stories of ancient myths and legends. Authors such as Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, and Victoria Holt, the latter of whom wrote gothic mystery/romances, have influenced her own work.

In her childhood, Ellen always made up stories. At first, she wrote poetry and short stories, and then wrote her first novel at 18. When Ellen moved towns, she wrote a novella, Love The Gift, while moving, which she self-published. Then she started The Dragon Sleeps, the first book in The Thornton Mysteries Series. It was released in November 2019. Book 2 will shortly follow.

Ellen’s other passion is photography. She loves to photograph flowers, landscapes and architecture. Her website features many of her photos.

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Title The Dragon Sleeps
Series The Thornton Mysteries
Author Ellen Read
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