Struck  By A Lightning Bolt
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Struck By A Lightning Bolt

by J'Lyn Bradford Publish: Jun 23, 2020Suspense Mystery Teen & Young Adult



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Thriller Suspense Mystery Action & Adventure Teen & Young Adult Children's Cooking

J'Lyn A. Bradford, is a twelve-year-old a published author!

J’Lyn was diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and schools closed down, she asked for a pet lizard to help her cope with the situation. To add an element of fun, she prepared and presented a business case to support her request. Her mother approved her petition on one condition: she had to make an effort to complete her book project this year.

J’lyn surprised us all! Not only did she finish her book, but she also zapped through it like a bolt of lightning. Today, we published her first book, Struck by a Lightning Bolt, a thrilling debut to her first series.

When asked why she wrote the book, J'Lyn said, "I want to give my support to others who may be struggling with ADHD. And show ways to uncover and build inner strength."

Struck by a Lightning Bolt is the first book in a trilogy that weaves together stories, coloring books, journals, video games, audio elements, and more.

Book Detail
Title Struck By A Lightning Bolt
Author J'Lyn Bradford
Publish Date 23, Jun 2020
Publisher The Thread, LLC
Language English
Page Count 45
Cover Design UJala Shahid