Missunderstanding- My Thread
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Missunderstanding- My Thread

by Vera Schneider Publish: Jul 06, 2020Series: MissunderstandingContemporary Romance Erotic Romance LGBT
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Missunderstanding complete series

Contemporary Romance Erotic Romance LGBT

Two completely different persons have connected. But… they have never seen each other in person. Even more, they have never spoken to each other. Then how? How did it start? The Internet was so generous to let them find each other. They met here, online. Among the millions of users, their IP addresses linked up to detect similarities. Two completely different persons melded with the same interest: writing. And then the exchange of words began. A small trickle became a stream, and then a river, and finally an ocean of letters forming words. When the sun rises, Vera writes. When the sun goes down, Bevin takes over. Work put in unceasing motion so the books could come to light. Silence and noise are joined to create a perfect symphony.

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Book Detail
Title Missunderstanding- My Thread
Series Missunderstanding
Author Vera Schneider, Bevin Smith
Publish Date 06, Jul 2020
Language English
Page Count 230